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A Comprehensive Review of Protection Schemes for Distributed Generation

Downloads: 41 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr Umair Shahzad in 2017.
Due to the increasing demand of energy and the need for nonconventional
energy sources, distributed generation (DG) has come into play. The trend of
unidirectional power flow has been gradually shifting. With new technology
comes new challenges, the introduction of DG into the conventional power
system brings various challenges; one of the major challenges is system protection
under DG sources. These sources pose a significant challenge due to
bidirectional flows from DGs as well as lower fault current contribution from
inverter interfaced DGs. This paper reviews existing protection schemes that
have been suggested for active distribution networks. Most of these protection
strategies apply only to smaller distribution systems implying that they may
need to be extended to larger systems with a much higher penetration of distributed
generation. In the end, a potential protection scheme has also been
recommended as a future work.
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 8th Aug 2017
Institution: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering Country: United States
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