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Spiritual Well-Being in relation to General Health among Kashmiri students

Downloads: 1,623 Avg Rating: 5.00 By: Mr Farokh Khan in 2013.
‘Health’ is an elusive word. Most people who consider themselves healthy are not. And many people, who are suffering from some known disease, may be relatively spiritually healthy. Health is a concept which does not merely relate to the absence of disease, of healthy working of organs, or having good thoughts or well-being. Health is a holistic concept. It relates to a person as a whole. Health is regarded by WHO as a fundamental human right, and correspondingly, all people should have access to basic resources for health.

Spiritual well-being is a cornerstone of the well-being paradigm for psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual and for total well-being (Dintiman and Greenberg 1989; O’Donnell, 1988; Payne & Hahn, 1989; Seaward, 1988). Spiritual wellness holds as strong relationship to health and general well-being (Hadaway, 1978) and has been a construct of interest for several investigations.

The present investigator has documented that spiritual well-being is influential in numerous facets of the human experience, including psychological and physical well-being. Hence a comprehensive understanding of health and its impact on the individuals’ spiritual well-being is of vital importance. The main aim of the present study is to examine the relationship between spiritual well-being and its factors with general health, and factors of general health among Kashmiri students.
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Psychology Submitted: 15th Mar 2013 Country: India
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