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The classical modern society is mainly characterized by the notion of differentiation.  It established important boundaries and distinctions that could make individuals, gender, classes, societies and communities different from each other based on the existing level of evolution and advancement. When the advanced Capitalistic societies stepped into the stage called ‘postmodernism’, it is observed that there is a clear collapse in the modern boundaries.  Since education was considered the chief agent of cognitive change of an individual in the process of evolution to an advanced stage of rationalism and higher moral being, in a Kantian sense, it became the most esteemed social component promoted under modernity. In the postmodern era, there is no differentiation mechanism in place but de-differentiation where all the ‘differed characteristic’ are fast dissolving between individuals and societies. Consequently, since commoditized education is no longer a key requirement of either cognitive nobility no social mobility, its social legitimating potential is also fast disappearing. Hence, an educator may practically be unable to use education itself as a motivating factor to promote learning and acquisition of rational knowledge.  The sign- value of the present commodity culture where new norms are constituted to demarcate prestige, power and way of life; images that are constantly proliferated through digital media not only further distances the rational relationship between education and social identity but cuts off the requisite connection between individual and real world. After three challenging decades when Sri Lanka embraced global Capitalist mode of economy and when there is a great fear now that the quality of secondary and tertiary education are deteriorating, this paper studies how the new values and trends that operate in the commodity culture function as  serious de-motivating factors in the pedagogical mechanism that either needs serious revision or we, as a community, have to rethink of the strategies in which we propagate the way of life  inadvertently devaluing  intellectual paradigms in the market economy.\r\n          \r\nKey words: The Postmodern Break, Auto-Modernity, Knowledge, Commoditized Education, Digitalized and Virtualized Identities
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Education Submitted: 4th Mar 2013
Institution: Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka Department: Department of Languages Country: Sri Lanka
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Avlikant Dhawale
7th Aug 2013