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3-Year Strategy Case Study

Downloads: 361 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr Zacharia Varughese in 2014.
The education sector is changing toward the incorporation of technology. As the district superintendent of education, the formulation of a three-year education strategy is one of the major undertakings that have been carried out in this district. The populations targeted by this strategy include the students, teachers, and the community. The objectives are aimed at effective implantation of technology in the education sector. The strategies that will be employed include the formation of a committee to oversee the whole process, and involving the whole target population. The table summarizes the strategy undertaken in the implantation of the 3-year strategy. The agenda is a schedule that will be used during the public presentation of the strategy.
Document Type: Report Topic Area: Education Submitted: 7th Nov 2014
Institution: University of Phoenix Department: Education Country: United States
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