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A Case Study on Secure Online Transactions Using Root Trust Protocol

Downloads: 357 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Dr IJIRAE Journals in 2014.
As the world becomes more interconnected, integrated and intelligent, mobile devices are playing ever-increasing roles in changing the ways that people live, work and communicate. The mobile devices become an ideal platform for carrying identity credentials and using them for logical access and online transactions. It is a trend to use mobile devices for mobile-centric applications and expand the mobile capabilities. By using these mobile centric applications we make on-line transactions. But how to trust these applications while requesting transactions and also how to ensure that right user is making transactions. In this project, we present a dual root trust model in the mobile application for online transaction that provides a dual trust root model, we consider both the user’s mobile device and cloud services as trust model. We design trust execution environment embedded in a mobile device to provide security using AES algorithm for device specific transaction conformations for online transactions. None of the parties can make transactions independent of each other

Additional Authors: Nagaraja Metta, Mohan Kumar S

Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 27th Oct 2014
Institution: MSRIT Department: Dept of ISE Country: India
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