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A 6 month old male who presented with a scrotal mass

Downloads: 1,165 Avg Rating: 3.00 By: Dr Ayesha Younas in 2012.
Case of a 6 month old male infant who presented to the clinic for an upper respiratory infection. During the examination a large scrotal mass was seen predominantly on the left side that was previously known to be bilateral congenital hydroceles. However on this day’s exam, a solid mass was felt and bowel sounds were heard over it. On further physical exam and investigations an inguinal hernia was discovered. The infant was admitted to the ward and surgery was performed with left inguinal hernia reduction and bilateral mesh repair.
      An inguinal hernia is more common in male infants. It may be reducible, irreducible or incarcerated. Gangrene or necrosis may develop in an inguinal hernia where the intestinal blood supply is impaired. It almost always requires surgical repair

Additional Authors: Dr.Suleman Younas

Document Type: Report Topic Area: Biology Submitted: 21st Aug 2012
Institution: Avera St. Luke\'s Hospital, Aberdeen, SD Department: Pediatrics Country: United States
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Ayesha Younas
21st Aug 2012
"concise and informative case report"