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INTRODUCTION\r\nMetropolitan Hospital Center and Westchester Medical Center are large community based hospitals in New York City that see a wide variety and large number of pediatric patients daily in the clinics as well as the ER and the inpatient units.\r\nThe purpose of my project is to analyze the number of patients versus their age groups visiting Pediatric Continuity Clinic (MHC), Inpatient Unit (MHC and WMC), PICU (WMC) and Pediatric ER (MHC).\r\n\r\nStudy Population\r\nThe following patients were analyzed. The patients were managed by myself under the supervision of pediatric attendings at the Pediatric Continuity Clinic at MHC, Pediatric Inpatient Unit at MHC and WMC, PICU at WMC and Pediatric ER at MHC from July 2007 to April 2010. \r\nThe patientsí ages were ranging from less than 1 month to 18 years.
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Health + Medicine Submitted: 5th Mar 2012
Institution: Metropolitan Hospital Center Department: Pediatrics Country: United States
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Ayesha Younas
5th Mar 2012
"an appropriate analysis of the patient population presenting to a busy hospital clinic ER and inpatient setting."