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Downloads: 2,124 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr Farooq Ali in 2010.
A total of 23 species belonging to 17 genera were investigated from the research area. The genera with number of species are: Alyssum (1 sp.), Brassica (5 sp.), Capsella (1 sp.), Cardamine (1 sp.), Coronopus (1 sp.), Eruca (1 sp.), Iberis (1 sp.), Lepidium (1 sp.),
Lobularia (1 sp.), Malcolmia (1 sp.), Mathiola (1 sp.), Nasturtium (1 sp.), Neslia (1 sp.), Raphanus (1 sp.), Rorippa (2 sp.), Sisymbrium (1 sp.) and Thlaspi (2 sp.). Results were systematically arranged by alphabetic order of botanical names, followed by synonyms (if any), local name, description of the plant, flowering and fruiting period, type, local and general distribution.

Additional Authors: Imdad, H. and S. uddin

Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Biology Submitted: 23rd Nov 2011
Institution: Islamia college university peshawar Department: Botany Country: Pakistan
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