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Thermodynamic analysis of an ideal vapour compression refrigeration system is done using refrigerants R134a.This EnergyExergy analysis is carried out by developed mathematical
model. Various parameters are numerically computed are first law efficiency in terms of coefficient of performance (COP) of the system both ideal case and actual experimental and exergetic efficiency and exergy destruction ratio have been computed . The eco-friendly R134a refrigerant gives lower COP than R22. Comparing with R22, R134a takes more compressor power and second law efficiency (exergetic efficiency) of VCRS is also lower than using R22. Due to higher GWP and ODP of R22, R134a can be used for domestic / commercial and industrial applications.
Document Type: Article Topic Area: Other Submitted: 16th Jun 2017
Institution: Delhi Technological University, Delhi Department: MECHANICAL Country: India
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