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A thermodynamic analysis on  Ejector Refrigeration Cycle (ERC), have been performed  using eco-friendly refrigerants (i.e.R-404A, R-410A, R-407C, R-423A, R-500, R-502 and R-507C ) A numerical  computation  is carried out for finding COP, Second Law Efficiency (ηII), Refrigeration Effect (RE) and Heat Input (Q in) of the ERC along with   the variation in boiler temperature (Tb), condenser temperature  (Tc) and evaporator temperature (Te) for ecofriendly refrigerants for the ranges of the temperatures where the evaporator temperature is varying  from 253K to 273K, with  varying condenser temperature from 313K to 328K and with varying  boiling temperature from 320 K to 345K. The maximum first Law
Efficiency (ηII) is found in the range of 1.5-1.8  with fluid R-404A and condenser temperature 328K. At 253K evaporator
temperature R-404A is working with maximum Second Law Efficiency (ηII) 37%. For the entire range of boiling temperature R-410A is having maximum Second Law Efficiency (ηII ) except at 345K where R-404A is highest. The refrigeration effect is the maximum and is in the range of 200kW to 220kW for R-410A for all the ranges of temperatures. The highest COP is associated with R-404A with temperature variations.
Document Type: Article Topic Area: Other Submitted: 16th Jun 2017
Institution: Delhi Technological University, Delhi Department: MECHANICAL Country: India
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