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Material handling (MH) is important issue for every production site and has a great dependence upon the layout of the system.
The important issue in the design of MH system is the selection of material handling equipment for every MH operation. Based upon the literature survey in this area, our purpose is to focus on the evaluation of the MHS-Layout of the system, due to their strong interdependence. The aim of this paper is to present a method for selection of material handling equipment (MHE) for flexible manufacturing system. In the first phase, the system consider major issues, rate of transfer, average time to transfer, flexibility etc., which is essential for the system. In second phase, the system selects the most feasible MHE types for every MH operation in a given application depends upon these major issues using fuzzy logic controller.
Document Type: Article Topic Area: Other Submitted: 16th Jun 2017
Institution: Delhi Technical Campus, Noida Department: MECHANICAL Country: India
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