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IJREI_Fabrication and analysis of spring testing machine

Downloads: 95 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr Editor Ijrei in 2017.
The helical spring is the most common element that has been used in automobile industries. In this work the spring constant
and deflection of the spring at different loads have been calculated. A closed coil helical spring is used for calculating tension and open coil helical spring is used for compression. The component used for the fabrication of the spring testing machine
are frame, hydraulic, spring weighing machine, open coiled and closed coiled helical spring etc. In this machine the combined
testing of both tension and compression can be done. The data obtained from the machine the compared with the manually
calculated data and all the result obtained are in good agreement

Additional Authors: Rahul Kumar, Neeraj Panday, Arun Kumar, Vivek Kumar

Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 13th Jun 2017
Institution: Meerut Institute of Technology, Meerut Department: MECHANICAL Country: India
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