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This paper mainly deals with thermodynamic analysis of three stages cascade vapour compression refrigeration systems
using ecofriendly refrigerants used for low temperature applications. The effect of thermal performance parameters (i.e.
approaches, condenser temperature, and temperature variations in the evaporators) on the first law thermal performances
COPSystem and also in terms of second law efficiency of the cascade system (exergetic efficiency) and System exergy
destruction ratio (SEDR) have been optimized thermodynamically using entropy generation principle. The utility of R1234ze and R1234yf and in the high-temperature circuits and new eco-friendly refrigerants in the intermediates circuits and R134a or R404a in the low-temperature cascade circuit have been optimized. It was observed that in the low temperature (between- 50oC to -100oC) applications. It was observed that the best combination in terms of R1234ze-R134aR404a gives better thermal performance than using R1234yf-R134a-R404a. Similarly other combination in terms of R1234ze-R134a-R404a gives better thermal performance than using R1234ze-R1234yf-R404a

Additional Authors: R.S.Mishra

Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 13th Jun 2017
Institution: Delhi Technological University, Delhi Department: MECHANICAL Country: India
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