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In past time, HFC refrigerants were used in refrigeration process and they were having a global warming potential at high level.
Now, as time change, and due to the modern techniques are coming into existence with the help of them the refrigeration
process become more efficient and safe as compare to previous in atmospheric prospective.
The nanotechnologies used in present time in the vapor compression refrigeration system. The nano refrigerant is nothing but
the combined form of nano particle with the refrigerant. The nano refrigerant can be formed by two ways (1) by mixing nano
particles with refrigerant in gaseous form, (2) by mixing nano particles to lubricant. We will combine different nano particles
such as copper, Al2O3having the same diameter and same volume fraction with the R718 in the secondary circuit of evaporator
and to study the nature of thermo-physical properties in refrigeration process which improves the first law performance of
vapour compression refrigeration system The nano particleslike AL2O3, CuO and TiO2 mixed in R718 and used in secondary
circuit of evaporator gives better around 95% more improvements in heat transfer coefficient which improves 11.8% to
19.05% first law thermal performances as presented in this paper

Additional Authors: R.S.Mishra

Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 13th Jun 2017
Institution: Delhi Technological University, Delhi Department: MECHANICAL Country: India
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