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Outcomes Based Education

Downloads: 163 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Dr Parag Gandhi in 2002.
Outcomes based education (OBE) is a process that involves the restructuring of curriculum, assessment and reporting practices in education to reflect the achievement of high order learning and mastery rather than the accumulation of course credits” (Tucker, 2004). Thus the primary aim of OBE is to facilitate desired changes within the learners, by increasing knowledge, developing skills and/or positively influencing attitudes, values and judgment.  OBE embodies the idea that the best way to learn is to first determine what needs to be achieved. Once the end goal (product or outcome) has been determined the strategies, processes, techniques, and other ways and means can be put into place to achieve the goal.
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Education Submitted: 27th May 2017
Institution: university of London Department: Education Country: United Kingdom
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