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Book Review ‘Leadership Skills' (Malay Version)

Downloads: 83 Avg Rating: 5.00 By: Dr Uqbah Iqbal in 2017.
Written by Chek Mat, this book describes the changes that occur in the world of contemporary leadership. Any changes must be handled with discretion and professional needs and requirements of its followers. Its contents include the question of the skills, theories and models, the fundamentals skills and personality of the leader. In addition to making recommendations on the importance of Rakan Muda Basic Leadership, Leadership Training modules are also loaded. The modules are very useful for the leaders to build a team and make decisions more fair and objective. That information may be used and referenced by the managers, planners, leaders, academics, training officers, counselors, teachers, workers and students taking the course management and administration in higher education institutions.
Document Type: Article Topic Area: Social Studies Submitted: 11th May 2017 Department: History Country: Malaysia
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