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Book Review ‘Methods & Quality Control' (Malay Version)

Downloads: 62 Avg Rating: 5.00 By: Dr Uqbah Iqbal in 2017.
Written by Zulkifley B. Mohamed, this book is suitable for use by staff in the private sector or the government that will carry out a project to improve the quality of work and solve problems related to work. The book is also suitable for use by entrepreneurs to improve the quality of goods or services produced by their company. In addition to the government sector, the private sector and entrepreneurs, this book can be used by high school students who took the field, especially relating to the management and quality. Methods and tools of quality control should be clearly known by practitioners of quality. The book also explores the methods and tools of quality control in an easy and clear. Examples of issues related to improving the quality of labor used in the description of a method and apparatus. Methods and tools of quality control in this text is related to methods and tools required quality control used by the group to improve the quality of work.
Document Type: Article Topic Area: Social Studies Submitted: 11th May 2017 Department: History Country: Malaysia
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