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Experimental Investigation of Tubular Heat Exchangers to Enhance Performance Characteristics

Downloads: 230 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Dr InternationalJournalofInnovationsinEngineeringandScience IJIES in 2017.
This study focuses on the various experimental research analyses on performance of tubular heat exchangers the tubular heat exchanger is used throughout various industries because of its inexpensive cost and handiness when it comes to maintenance. In this paper we discus about tubular heat exchanger there are several thermal design factors that are to be taken into account when designing the tubes in the tubular heat exchangers. They are tube diameter, tube length, number of tubes, number of baffles,& baffles inclination etc. The characteristics of flow and heat transfer within the shell are not simple. This paper conducted various experimental analyses to predict the characteristics of difference in temperature and pressure drop, which are the performances of heat exchanger. In this study, the diameter of tube, the number of tubes and the number of baffles are considered as the design factors. Also, factors that affect the performances of heat exchanger were selected through design of experiment procedures. The purpose of this paper is how to improve the performance of tubular heat exchangers.
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 23rd Apr 2017 Country: India
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