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A Case for Transformative Education

Downloads: 5,629 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mrs Johnel Robinson in 2014.
In this case for transformative education, Johnel Robinson, shows how time allows for an experience of transformational learning from several perspectives. This case includes an analysis of Weltanschauung through her early template, childhood. As transformative education is investigated, special care is also taken to address the issues of the soul and The Great Idea, Time. The study of transformative education, as a theory, is explored through How We Understand and The Two Domains of Learning; the two domains of intentional learning being instrumental and communicative. This case for transformative education examines experiences that have transpired over her lifetime as a student, educator, and as an adult in society. Read as she explores her meaning perspectives and analyzes her assumptions. In this final project, meanings are made through the process of reflection. Finally, a full analysis is given through a series of interviews representing three perspectives in regards to transformational learning, perspective meaning, and perspective transformation as related to the Great Idea time.
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Education Submitted: 19th Jun 2014
Institution: Concordia University Department: Educational Leadership Country: United States
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