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IJREI- Vibration Analysis of a Cantilever beam with Crack depth and Crack Location Effects

Downloads: 105 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr Prashant Rai in 2016.
Alloy beams and beam like elements are principal constituents of many structures and
widely used in high speed machinery, aircraft and light weight structures. Crack is a
damage that often occurs on members of structures and may cause serious failures of
structures. In this research the natural frequency of a cracked cantilever beam is
investigated by finite element method by using of ANSYS program with different crack
depth and location effect.
The beam material studied is aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy and magnesium
alloy. A comparison is made between these alloys and conclude optimized result between
them. The increase of the beam length result in a decrease in the natural frequencies of
the composite beam and also shows that an increase of the depth of cracks lead to a
decrease in the value of natural frequencies.

Additional Authors: Husain Mehdi1, Arshad Mehmood2

Document Type: Article Topic Area: Education Submitted: 4th Nov 2016 Country: India
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