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Potential incompatibility of inherited behavior patterns with civilization

Downloads: 1,214 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Dr Olev Vinn in 2014.
All intelligent organisms presumably originally have a number of inherited behavior patterns (IBPs) that are not fine-tuned for conditions prevailing in civilized communities. Indeed, some IBPs may be highly incompatible with such conditions and have high potential to induce self-destruction. These patterns may include responses of social organisms seeking power over conspecifics in relation to harvesting and consuming energy. It is possible that all emerging civilizations could face problems associated with incompatible IBPs, which may partially explain why civilizations are apparently rare (since we have not detected any others in our galaxy.
Document Type: Article Topic Area: Biology Submitted: 5th Mar 2014
Institution: University of Tartu Department: Department of Geology Country: Estonia
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