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A critique to “The impact of Informal Networks on Knowledge Management Strategy”

Downloads: 249 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr Syed Absar in 2016.
This paper is aimed to critically review the research by Tony Jewels and Alan Underwood, titled “The impact of Informal Networks on Knowledge Management Strategy” and published in a book “Innovations of Knowledge Management” edited by Bonnie Montano. The research was conducted on 28 employees of an ASP in compliance with Markus Model in order to observe the trends and practices regarding formal and informal knowledge management within the organizations. The conclusions suggest that Informal knowledge management networks not only exist but also are practices and considered more effective than formal systems. This critique positively acknowledges the conclusions while pointing to few limitations in the research methodology that can be improved to achieve more meaningful conclusions.
Document Type: Article Topic Area: Business Submitted: 14th Jul 2016
Institution: SBS Swiss Business School Department: Doctor of Business Administration Country: United Arab Emirates
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