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A critique to “Implications of Cultural Differences in International Projects”

Downloads: 418 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr Syed Absar in 2016.
This paper is aimed to critically review the publication by Dr.Tony Jewels and Dr.Rozz Albon, in “Implications of Cultural Differences in International Projects” where by the research was conducted based on project management student’s feedback, the students were made aware about a Case study and later asked open-ended questions for evaluating factors that imply cultural differences on international projects. The outcomes of the research were ten different themes identified, which are further discussed in this critique review. In addition to the arguments, further research and appropriate categorization of the factors is proposed, and important factors are emphasized.
Document Type: Article Topic Area: Business Submitted: 14th Jul 2016
Institution: SBS Swiss Business School Department: Doctor of Business Administration Country: United Arab Emirates
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