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12 'monkeys' in the CRM evolution chart

Downloads: 577 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr JOSEPH DOLPHIN in 2013.
CRM, Customer Relationship Management, has been and will continue to be a topic of considerable interest from the board room to the back room. Every participant, enthusiast and observer has an opinion of what it is and what should be done about it. Don’t we all know the 3 words: Customer, Relationship & Management- to be able to put it together and define CRM? This is perhaps the key reason why CRM, when it translates into an implementation program within the organization, is described, designed and documented uniquely to the set of stakeholders who have been entrusted with delivering the program. If the program leadership is drawn from Marketing they will define (or scope) the CRM program along the lines of a marketing tool; and if it were a Call Centre team, then likewise. Summarily CRM is seen as how you want to see it. It is defined as how you want to define it. It is understood as you will. 

This paper will demystify that CRM is anybody’s guess. It will highlight why CRM, which is HOT, is not well THOUGHT. The researcher (and author) of this paper draws findings* from over 30+ consulting & technology CRM programs blueprinted and/or delivered across 10+ countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, in 5+ industries, leveraging over 6+ methodologies, frameworks and technologies. The key findings have been listed into 12 items, each described and explained to dispel the myth and/or correct the inaccuracy and/or warn the pitfall and/or implement desired POOGI (Process Of On-Going Improvement).
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Business Submitted: 19th Jan 2014 Country: India
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