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A Binary Matrix Synthetic Data and Its Bi-set Ground Truth Generator

Downloads: 252 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Dr IRJCS Journal in 2016.
Due many reasons, such the privacy aspects, availability, and less flexibility in parameter adjustment, the real data set is becoming a main barrier in various researches. Facing to the difficulties to access the real data set, a synthetic dataset is a viable alternative as a complementary to a real data set. Bi-clustering to binary categorical data is one of the most recent challenging researches which are applied to many areas such: DNA expressions, tourism, commerce and marketing, event sports. This paper presents the useful algorithm to generate synthetic binary matrix data and its bi-set as the bi-clustering results ground truth. In generating this synthetic data, it uses some parameters includes: initial size, injected bi-set size, number of overlapping size and bi-set position. Some of the generated synthetic data sets are applied to two bi-set searching algorithms, Bibit and Bimax. The experiment result shows that the synthetic data set has capabilities to evaluate methods or algorithm relates to binary matrix data set.

Additional Authors: Mujiono Sadikin

Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 19th Feb 2016
Institution: Universitas Mercu Buana, Jakarta, Indonesia Department: Faculty of Computer Science, Country: Indonesia
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