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Air Transport Operations & Management

Downloads: 1,750 Avg Rating: 3.00 By: Mr Akhil Puppala in 2013.
The air transport industry as a whole has expanded exponentially connecting even the remote corners of the world. With respect to the growing global economy, it has transformed the airline market and has significantly contributed to almost 539$ billion of the world’s overall GDP(Aviation:Benefits Beyond Borders, 2010) .In the process of its establishment as a driver for economic growth during the 70’s, the advancements in technology and innovation have taken precedence over the factors which define today’s profitability margins and economic sustainability. By taking into account the Open Sky Policy, privatization of airline carries, the emergence of low cost carriers (LCC’s), the economic cycles, the intense competitive market, sustainability issues and the associated environmental risks, this report analyses the nature of the air transport industry. It also evaluates the business performance aspects of flight and ground operations while drawing key comparisons between various airline business models.
Document Type: Report Topic Area: Other Submitted: 15th Dec 2013
Institution: Perth College UHI, Scotland Department: Aircraft Engineering Country: United Kingdom
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