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Induction of Electromagnetic Resonance

Downloads: 410 Avg Rating: 5.00 By: Mr Faizan Mufti in 2013.
Theoretical measure of electro-magnetic sensitivity with respect to the distance between two bodies, the
effect of gravity, and the duration of the wave’s existence, provided there exists no external interference is
proposed this factor dependent on the density of the body under operation, the effects of colliding biomagnetic
fields their amplification and depletion in accordance with the density of interacting bodies and
their manipulation to obtain a desired resonant state, finding the frequency to have that effect be created
in the host, and that effect be prolonged in accordance to the neural changes that will take place with its
continued implementation and its possible application in various neural controls and non-biological use as
well is briefly discussed
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Biology Submitted: 28th Nov 2013
Institution: Islamabad College for Boys G-6/3, Islamabad Country: Pakistan
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