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A Brief History of the Economic Relations between Philippines and Japan

Downloads: 414 Avg Rating: 5.00 By: Dr Uqbah Iqbal in 2015.
In February 1977, leaders of business and industry in the Philippines and Japan began a two-day conference in Tokyo on bilateral trade, investment and cooperation between Japan and five members of Southeast Asian Nations.  In March 1977, the State Department announced that President Marcos and Mrs. Imelda Marcos would do the second state visit to Japan from 25 to 28 April.  In May 1977, the Philippines have urged Japan to hold the shift investment from the extractive industry solely to the processing and manufacturing of raw materials in developing countries to increase their export earnings and development.  In August 1977, the Philippines will ask Japan to extend trade preferences for certain export goods during the negotiation of bilateral agreements which will come about friendship, commerce and navigation.
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 26th Nov 2015
Institution: National University of Malaysia Department: History Country: Malaysia
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