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SurfMAP 1.0.0 is developed to analyse spatial series containing x and y coordinates with corresponding z-values. The z-values represents any observations or parameters, and generally variables that has a spatial distribution such as elevation (height), rainfall, temperature, land rent, population, soil grain size, etc at each data point.

Users can input three-dimensional (x, y, z) spatial data from the integrated surfMAP datasheet; compatible data sheet files (containing x, y ,z data) could also be imported via the "Load Data "command. The program uses a method of mathematics and matrices to derive the trend surface model. The model describes an equation of least-squares used to determine the predicted trend values which varies smoothly over the surface area.

The final trend's model result is interpreted based on its percentage reduction of sum of squares (%RSS) and the equivalent co-efficient of correlation derived. Charts are integrated to depict graphical presentation of the spatial structure of the area and the spatial distribution of the observed trend showing relationships between the least square curve of best fit and linear trend distribution in the area. SurfMAP is developed and used for;

i. Spatial series data entry
ii. Series statistical analysis
iii. Linear trends surface model development
iv. Computed and residual trends value calculation
v. Computation of the percentage reduction in sum of squares
vi. Computation of the equivalent co-efficient of correlation
vii. Trends spatial distribution (point chart) development
viii. Trends linear distribution line chart plotting
ix. Trends least square curve of best fit plotting
x. Combined chart of linear trends distribution and least square curve

In this brochure (Applications - Doc: AA01014), the Trends Surface Modeling and Analysis Program (SurfMAP) was applied to selected environmental science related researches. SurfMAP could also be applied (and not limited to) in urban residential analysis, crime analysis, road network analysis, basic space and atmospheric sciences, oil spill trends analysis, drainage basin analysis, etc.
Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Other Submitted: 15th Nov 2015 Country: Nigeria
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