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Downloads: 4 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr HAFIDH SADRA in 2018.
Cyber crime in Tanzania is new phenomenon. It relates to commission of criminal offence through the computer systems. Due to such commission, the authority has taken same measures so as to prevent and even to deter such kind of crime. So one of these measures was to enact the legislation known as Cyber Crime Act,
Having enacted of such Act, some opposers heavily reacted claiming that enactment of such Act intends to deprive of the individual rights and freedoms including the freedom of expression as it is stipulated by constitution.  But outstanding of the government as it has been delivered by the concerned Authority was to combat against the offenders for the purpose of maintaining peace and security in the country.
Though, the cyber crime Act establishes several offences with their punishments, the procedure still fall under the criminal procedure Act. Meanwhile, the Act does not stipulate about the cyber security that on how such commission can be treated electronically.

Additional Authors: KHAFIDHI, SADRA, HASSAN

Document Type: Article Topic Area: Law Submitted: 13th Feb 2018
Institution: BEIJING NORMAL UNIVERSITY Department: Law Country: Uganda
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