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Lead Poisoning in Owino Uhuru Slums in Mombasa- Kenya

Downloads: 8,452 Avg Rating: 0.00 By: Mr Abraham wangila in 2013.
This was to provide scientific evidence of lead poisoning in Owino Uhuru, a slum area in Mombasa city adjacent to a lead battery recycling factory. Samples were collected from five different sources (i.e. soil, wall and roof dust, effluent water and blood) from the Owino Uhuru slum area. The Metal Refinery EPZ is located 50 m away from the slum. Similar samples were also collected from the Maweni area, slum area found north of Mombasa city and about ten kilometers from the lead-acid battery recycling company to act as the control experiment. These were taken to the lab for lead analysis. The results showed that samples from Owino Uhuru slums had higher lead concentrations except for the blood samples from both locations had below-detection limit lead content. Therefore, the used lead acid battery recycling factory within Owino Uhuru slums was found to have significantly increased lead concentration in the slumís environment which poses environmental health risks especially to children living in the slum.

Additional Authors: Abraham WANGILA, Benards OKEYO PhD.

Document Type: Research Paper Topic Area: Environment Submitted: 16th Jul 2013
Institution: Eco Ethics International Kenya Department: Research Country: Kenya
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