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Document Types

Publish Research allows for 3 types of pubication:

Research PaperA publication that describes actual research carried out, including the method, findings and conclusions
ArticleA publication that covers any topic of interest that is not specifically research
ReportA publication that is a review and/or summary of existing literature

Topic Areas

The following topic areas are available:

BiologyThe science of life and living matter in all forms.
EducationSocial science of learning methods, systems and structures
EnvironmentThe study of the natural environment and ecosystems
Health + MedicineThe study of human health and wellbeing through whatever means
LawAll judicial structures also definition + enforcement of legislation
BusinessThe social science pertaining to commerce and joint enterprise in all forms.
PharmacyThe art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines.
PsychologyStudies relating to the mind and mental health.
Social StudiesOther social science categories.
ChemistryThe science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter.
MathematicsA group of related sciences, including algebra, geometry, and calculus, concerned with the study of number, quantity, shape, and space and their interrelationships by using a specialized notation
OtherMiscellaneous activities that do not fit within the other headings.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for any content submitted to this site under this user registration:

  1. The author(s) confirm that they are the sole author(s) of the contribution which is original work. It has not been previously published in whole or substantial part. The author(s) are the copyright owners of the contribution or are expressly authorised by the copyright owner to grant this licence. The Corresponding Author has the right to grant on behalf of all authors and does grant on behalf of all authors a licence on a worldwide basis to to permit this article to be published online.
  2. The author(s) warrant that to the best of their knowledge that the contribution does not contain anything which is libellous, illegal or infringes any ones copyright or other rights.
  3. The author(s) warrant that the contribution does not contain anything which could be considered as offensive or discriminatory. This includes comments made by readers to different contributions
  4. The author(s) hereby consent to the inclusion of electronic links from the contribution to third party material, wherever it may be located.
  5. The editor reserves the right to remove the article from the website should this have been found to infringe any parts of these terms and conditions.


Content may be considered abusive if it:

Content considered abusive will be removed from the site at the sole discretion of the Editor.